Mid Center Days

One month in Mongolia! My first few weeks with my host family have been alternately interesting and kind of slow. I’ve washed my clothes and bathed in my tumpin, used an outhouse too many times, eaten goat face and innards, and played with dozens of ankle bones. I’ve also watched 7 combined seasons of television and 5 movies and read 1 book.


The summer weather here is just as changeable.  It reminds me of spring in northern Virginia; some days are sweltering and some days I have to break out my fleece.


Language study is moving along. I think I might have about 2% of this language down. By the time I go to site, maybe 5%?


This weekend is our 4th of July picnic and next weekend is Naadam. Hopefully will get some more good pictures there.

Until next time!

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