Pre-Departure Blergh

I arrived in San Francisco on the 26th, my Uncle Mike having driven me down and bought me lunch and a beer at 21st Amendment brewery. The first evening consisted mainly of meeting and greeting however many of the 75 people who would be going to Mongolia with me. We signed in to orientation and had a brief logistics meeting before we were free for the night. I took the opportunity to catch up on Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.

Yesterday consisted of various Peace Corps indoctrination activities. At times, it seemed like we had been in the meeting rooms for days already, in some endless valley of information and introspection.

Last night I gathered some M26ers to accompany me to Fishermans Wharf; I was on a mission for Irish Coffee.


We also ended up going to Ghirardelli square and having a really awesome cab driver who shared his blueberries and strawberries with us.

Today I’m dragging myself out of the endless valley to the precipice of my service, where I imagine my travel to Mongolia will seem like a very long moment of stepping off the edge.

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1 Response to Pre-Departure Blergh

  1. Aunt Jerri says:

    Hang in there, paperwork is always the worst before the journey. Still have lots to see in SF. Tomorrow will be air time!


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