Trepidation & Elation

The closer I get to leaving, the stronger my feelings get about it. Sometimes, I’m just at work or I’m home watching TV and Mongolia is just sitting at the back of my mind. Sometimes, like right now, I’ve been reading about what the current PCVs are doing over there and I get a powerful mix of fear and excitement swirling around in my head.

I don’t really remember how I felt before leaving for Japan. I know I was excited. I guess I was worried. There was a similar element of the unknown, though this time is a bit different. I don’t know in what province or in what conditions I’ll be living. At least in Japan, I knew my lifestyle would be fairly modern. I’m not afraid that it won’t be in Mongolia, I’m just worried because I have no idea what it will be.

Those feelings are what I really live for. My daily life right now is just kind of a grind. Knowing that adventure awaits is what keeps me going, even if it is scary to think about sometimes.

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