The Interview

Let me first say that I dread interviews. I get very anxious, especially at the prospect of “situation” questions (“give an example of a time when…”). I tense up; my heart beats louder; my mind races and is blank somehow simultaneously.

The call came at 1306. My interviewer was very cordial, encouraging me to relax and giving me a preview of the kinds of questions she was going to ask. She said the questions were split into three sections: a more general section, a group of “situation” questions, and a list of possible obstacles and whether I had concerns about my ability to deal with them.

I swear I talked myself in circles during the second section, sometimes forgetting what my interviewer or I had just said. My experiences should make me a shoe-in for this job, but I worry that I have hamstringed myself because I couldn’t stay cohesive.

My questions at the end were, I think, pretty standard. I asked about what prevents trainees (PCTs) from becoming full-fledged volunteers (PCVs) and whether my interviewer had served. She said it was usually because they weren’t prepared for the kind of issues that come up when trying to integrate into a foreign culture (clearly not an issue for me) or because they did not achieve the language requirement (hopefully something I can excel at). As it happens, my interviewer has not served with the Peace Corps, but has had experience at other non-profit and volunteer organizations.

2 to 3 weeks I should have my answer. In the meantime, I’m off to Philadelphia to visit friends and then to California to spend time with my Grandma!

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